Speedy Bee Bluetooth-USB Adapter For RC Flight Controller Review

So what is the Speedy Bee USB Adapter?

The Speedy Bee USB Adapter is a portable interface between your Drone’s flight controller and your cell phone. They claim it is plug and play no configuration required although you do need to solder the XT60 plug to the board before use. They have been out in the past but you needed spare connectors and UART’s. None of that BS needed now just connect straight up to the USB on your Drone.

Who’s it for?

Ever been in the field and wished you had your Betaflight laptop with you? It’s either flat or not with you. Well now you don’t need a laptop or a tablet just take out your phone plug in the speedy bee USB adapter and adjust away.

Speedy Bee USB Adapter

Plug it in and power it with a Lipo and then run the app on your phone and connect through Bluetooth. Every setting that is adjustable in Betaflight is adjustable in the Speedy Bee app. If someone else wants to fly your quad and they have different settings on their drone, you just change the settings as you would with Betaflight. This is much easier for adjusting the settings in the field than say taking a laptop or tablet with you.

You can get a Speedy Bee from Banggood.

Here’s a video from Stew from UAVfutures reviewing if you want more info.


And a similar take on things from Painless360 who is another Top Youtuber for the RC enthusiasts.


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