Skyzone SKY03 FPV Goggles – Quick Review

Skyzone SKY03

3D 5.8G 48CH Diversity Receiver FPV Goggles

with Head Tracker Front Camera DVR HD Port

I don’t own this particular model but I watched a heap of videos about the Skyzone SKY03 Goggles.
The short answer is they are great to look through when flying but don’t fit on most peoples faces very well and are quite expensive.
NB: I’m in New Zealand and prefer to buy all my Quadcopters and spare parts from Banggood.

First the Cons.
– Skyzone SKY03 come with 2 rubber ducky antennas that everyone just throws away.
– A major common complaint was the cut out for your nose is inadequate making them an uncomfortable fit.Skyzone SKY03 fpv goggles
– The buttons have more than one function making some features awkward to access.
– Price is quite high end around the $500-usd which is around $700-nzd for me.
– Bad light leakage around the masks foam edges.
– Crappy DVR
– Doesn’t come with a battery
– Pointless flashing lights on the outside of the goggles.
– The fan strength on high is noisy and too windy on your eyes.

The Pro’s.
– Good image in the goggles giving you confidence in flying, it’s a 4:3 ratio but bigger than older 4:3 ‘s
– Colours are perfect – contrast is good. Rated highly in reviews.
– Has Diversity and a near 3d ability.
– On/Off power switch to save removing the power cable and possible damage to it.

– Front camera for those that like to switch over to front view.


With Head Tracking function.
Diversity Receiver Module with Dual Antennas.
ISM 5.8GHz 48-channerl diversity receiver.
Built with Front Camera.
Up to 43 Degree FOV
Binocular Display,SVGA 800X600 resolution,binocular display.
Multiple LED Light effect mode support.
Intimate Design of Human Mechanics.

Package Included

1 x Futaba data cable
1 x JR data cable
2 x 5.8G 2dBi antenna
1 x AV cable
1 x Power cable

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