Reset Motors in Betaflight or Cleanflight How To

Reset motors

Using Betaflight to Reset Motors has solved unexplained problems with my Quadcopter motors.
All you do is first take the *Props off!*
Plug your drone in to your computer with the USB connection.

Go to the motors tab and click the option that says you’ve taken the props off.
Then push the Master speed control all the way up to 2000.

Then plug in your Lipo and wait for all the beeps and chirps to stop
then pull the Master speed control down to Zero and again wait for all
the beeps and chirps to stop.

Now unplug your Lipo and exit out of Betaflight or Cleanflight.
Try your drone and see if the problem has gone.

Update: you could use the Speedy Bee adapter if you are out and about flying.

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