Quadcopter Spins Out on Lift Off

Crashed quad.

Today I plugged in my X220 Wizard and it spun out of control on lift off.
I had been tweaking the settings in Beta-flight and forgot I had clicked
on restore the defaults.
Which wiped out all my settings.

So i had to reset the modes for Angle, Horizontal and Acro. I had also
flashed the firmware and done a few other settings. Everything seemed to
be fine so I put it aside for a few days. When I went to fly today I did
what Josh Bardwell from YouTube suggested and lightly tried the Pitch
and Roll with the throttle off the Yaw seemed okay too. Everything
seemed right so I hit the throttle and whoa! look out. It cartwheeled
off the Deck.

I went through checking everything. Reset the motors and flashed the
ESC’s and just couldn’t get it to stop flipping out. Finally I checked
the orientation of the Flight Controller (which I’m sure I had already
checked) and sure enough I hadn’t put in the correct degrees. It needed
to be CW180.

Other possible causes can be as simple as putting a prop upside down or
on the wrong motor or a motor spinning the wrong direction or incorrect
minimum throttle values. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to help
you go through the process of diagnosing the problem. If Pitch and Roll
seem to work okay but it flips on take off then don’t panic it’s
fixable. Think about what you’ve recently done to the quad and you’ll
often find the cause.
Happy Flying

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