A Glossary of Common Terms Used in the
RC – Multirotor – UAV – Drone – Quadcopter – Hobby

ARF – Almost Ready to Fly
ARF kits require almost 100% assembly and often don’t come with everything required to fly.
Beta Flight
A popular App that you install in to Google Chrome Browser this App and others like it, lets you change the settings of your Drone when connected through a USB cable.
Beta Flight Logo
BetaFlight’s Blackbox explorer
This App tool for Chrome allows you to view and analyze logs created by using Beta-flight’s and Clean-Flight’s Blackbox feature.
 Black box logo
BLHeli Configurator
Another Chrome App tool designed to simplify updating and configuring your ESC’s (Electronic Speed Controller)
BL Heli Logo
BNF  – Bind and Fly
BNF kits come with everything (99% of the time) except the transmitter. With these kits, you are required to bind your own
transmitter to the supplied receiver, so when you’re purchasing a BNF kit you need to ensure the transmitter you have will work with the supplied receiver.
Is a fork of betaflight so has a solid foundation but uses a different filter and has a better Stock tuning than Betaflight.
Butter Flight Logo
Clean Flight Clean
Another App very similar to Beta Flight. You may find your flight controller only works on one and not the other.
NB: There are other apps for other Flight Controllers
Clean Flight Logo
Drone – a more popular name for Quadcopter.
My Favorite RTF Racing Quad and the Best RTF Drone of 2017
To my mind Drones are more of a Military flying device and as such the name has a bad wrap in the public eye. The RC community tried using UAV, Quadcopter etc as a way differing our Quads from Drones. Many people just use the term Drone now as it rolls of the tongue easier I guess.
 Wizard-X220 Quadcopter
ESC – Electronic Speed Controllers.
Small circuit board strapped to each arm of the drone, they also come as “All in one” which is a bigger circuit board that you stack underneath all your other circuit boards.
 All in one ESC
FC – Flight Controller
A small (PCB) Printed circuit board that has all the flight control software instructions.
 Flight controller
FlySky –
FlySky Transmitter and Receiver
A popular radio controller-transmitter. That has the joysticks for controlling your Drone.
NB: Transmitters need the correct corresponding receiver wired in to the drone to be able to control the drone.
 FlySky Transmitter
FOV – Field of View
Different cameras and FPV goggles have different fields of View.
Ex: 43 degrees for Skyzone 03 googles.
FPV – First person View
You wear FPV goggles to see through the camera on your drone as it fly’s around giving you a First Person View. This picture shows a very popular brand with 2 small screens. There are also large mono screen ones that are better for photography than racing.
 Skyzone goggles
FrSky – Pronounced F.R. Sky or sometimes Free Sky
Another popular radio controller transmitter. That has the joy sticks for controlling your Drone.
NB: Transmitters need the correct corresponding receiver wired into the drone to be able to control the drone.
 FrSky transmitter
IPD – Interpupilary Distance.
An adjustment made underneath the goggles to help line up the screen with your eyes
JSP – Small white plugs for charging Lipo Batteries and used for connecting wires to a PCB
Lipo – batteries
Type of Battery used for RC Toys.
LOS – Flying Line of Sight (with out FPV Goggles)
Multi-rotor – Another name for Drone, Quadcopter, UAV
PCB – Printed Circuit Board.
PDB – Power Distribution Board
A PCB that gives you different levels of power output so if one component only needs 5-volts and another needs 12-volts you can connect them independently.
 Power Distribution Board
PID – Proportional-Integral-Derivative
There are 3 algorithms in a PID controller, they are P, I, and D (Proportional-Integral-Derivative)
PID is a function in flight controllers, that reads the data from sensors, and tells the motors how fast they need to spin.
Ultimately this is how stability is achieved on a quadcopter.

  • *P*- depends on the present error
  • *I* – on the accumulation of past errors
  • *D*- is a prediction of future errors, based on current rate of change.

A PID controller is a control loop feedback mechanism widely used in control systems. A PID controller calculates an “error” value as the difference between a measured variable and a desired set-point. The controller attempts to minimize the error by adjusting the control inputs. source:

Like tilting your head up and down Pitch the front of your Quad Up or Down using joy sticks on your controller.
Goes with other terms like Roll, Yaw and Throttle.
PNF – Plug and Fly
PNF stands for “Plug And Fly”. PNF kits come with everything except the transmitter, receiver and the battery. These kits tend to be cheaper than BNF kits and they will require a little more knowledge to assemble.
Quadcopter – Another name for Drone, UAV, Multi-rotor
Like tilting your head over to the left or right. Roll your Drone to the left or Right using joy sticks on your radio controller.
Goes with other terms like Pitch and Yaw
RSSI is a Radio-Frequency (RF) term and stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator
RTF – Ready to Fly
Usually an RTF quadcopter doesn’t require any assembly or setup, but you may have to do some simple things like charge up the
battery, install the propellers or bind the controller to the quadcopter (get them talking to each other)
Trainer Cable
Flysky trainer cable for FPV Racer Simulator with Dongle
Cable is for Flysky Esky Radiolink Futaba Remote Controller.
Some cables are for updating the radio this one is for Flight simulators so you can practice flying on your computer.

Both of these are good, I have both but I bought the full version of
Free Rider as it works with my FlySky Radio.

 Trainer Cable
UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Another name for Drone, Quad or Quadcopter, Multi-rotor.
XT30 / XT60
Lipo plug Orange sometimes black plug on a lipo battery
to power the drone.
 xt30 & xt60
Like turning your head left or right.
Flat spin, left or right of your drone.
Controlled by the joysticks on your radio transmitter along with Roll and Pitch and throttle
Pitch – Roll – Yaw


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