Flysight Falcon FG01 Review

Flysight Falcon FG01 Review

Flysight Falcon FG01 2D 3D 16:9 4:3 FPV Goggles Glasses Built-in DVR HD Port for RC Drones.
Click here to download the manual: ManualforFalconGogglesFG01.pdf

The FG01 Video goggles have an immersive 16:9 WVGA display with a (FOV) Field of view of 32 degrees. Stew from UAV Futures YouTube channel says he is a big fan of these goggles.
Stew also says “These Falcons are right up there with the Skyzones, Fatsharks and Commanders”

They did weigh in a little bit heavier than the Aomways but the Aomways do have their Diversity receiver in as well. Falcon FG01 goggles don’t have a diversity receiver inbuilt but they do take the Fatshark or Clearview modules.

Modules for the falcons and fatsharks

One thing I like is the little black switch to turn the fan on and off.

On off fan switch

My Fatsharks have good switch too, you just press it once as they are on a timer.

NB: These Falcon goggles come with a larger nose space (something the Skyzone Sky03 could have done with.)

Overall opinions are the screens looked nicer than the Aomway goggles. 854×480 gives a beautiful image on the screen. The IPD Adjustment uses a different style of button to the FatSharks, It is just one scroll wheel in the center instead of the 2 sliders but they seem to work well.


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