Hi, I’m Rod from New Zealand
and I fly quadcopters in my spare time.

It took me quite some time to learn the language of the quadcopter/drone/UAV world.
There are so many things to learn and parts that fit together to get your first quadcopter and fly it using FPV goggles.

So I thought I’d make this blog as a resource for me and other beginners looking to get into this fun and at times frustrating hobby.

I spend a lot of time watching Youtube videos about flying and building your own quadcopters.
The problem I found was that when I wanted to go back and check what was said in a video, I could never remember which video it was or even how far into the video to go to find the info that I wanted.

So I made this site to store what I’ve learned and hopefully, other people will find this blog a useful resource also.

Any topics that I haven’t covered just email me or leave a comment and point me to a video on that subject and I’ll turn it into the blog post for easy reference.

~Happy Flying